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From 320 tons to a high performance fleet in 60 years

Within the family tradition of inland navigation, Roger Ringoot took the first step towards the tanker trade. The new development of the tanker ‘Pacific’ – with a capacity of 320 tons – a start was made with the habit of having most of the names of the ships of the shipping company begin with the letter ‘P’. The need for this type of transport was immediately evident. A second ship soon followed. In order to be able to continue to meet the increasing demand, the company bought more new and increasingly bigger ships. A capacity of 937 tons was reached as early on as 1964. This ship, the ‘River’, was used for estuary navigation and the Belgian coast. Shipping Company Ringoot was initially in the domestic market. As of 25 years ago, its area of business has expanded throughout Western Europe. The eighties saw further expansions for coastal trading, with ships exceeding 3000 tons. A striking step forward concerned the construction of the crawler coaster ‘Palamas’, which was suitable for both sea transport – in the range Le Havre-Hamburg and Great Britain – as well as transport along the major inland waterways of Europe thanks to its construction. As of 2001, Shipping Company Ringoot occupies a prominent position in the petrochemicals transport with its double-walled ships.

Environment-friendly fleet for the benefit of the (petro) chemicals industry and society

In the debate concerning transport per road or across water, the ships and the crews of Shipping Company definitely tilt the balance towards the latter. This, due to the relief on the roads to the benefit of the environmental policy. And due to the capacity and efficiency to the benefit of the clients. Around 40 men (and women) in alternating teams work 24 hours a day to be of service to our clients. In addition to a sound education and regular refresher courses, these specialists offer an efficient, speedy and proper service and they all share the same passion for their job. The same can be said of the teams on the permanent and the other charters. Freights are in good hands at Shipping Company Ringoot. Therefore our “mission statement” is: Zero oilspills, zero incidents