The ‘Drive’ of windforce 10

Roger Ringoot put a 320-ton ship into service in 1951 for the transport of liquid bulk. A premiere with an aftermath that led to an impressive tonnage, double-walled ships active throughout Europe 6 decades later.

In the year 2012, Shipping Company Ringoot can look back on a rich past in which transport across the water is prominent. It is also a story of economic growth, customer-orientedness, increasing know-how and technological evolution.

Efficient team on shore

Planning, organisation, administration, accounting, logistics support, HRM-policy, customer service… It is all in the good hands of specialists who are very keen on the company and the shipping trade, as are the crews on board of the ships.

They too dealt with the many new developments in this line of work and the increasing automation.

Today, they are the beacons that keep the organisation within safe courses of navigation and who successfully pleasantly surprise our demanding clientele time and again with superior service.